ARTS | Photos from Not Ur Baby

Local artist, Vanessa Vigil curated a show back in August 2015 called, Not Ur Baby, held at the Oakland Terminal Art Gallery. The show featured all local women artists. Additionally the show benefited efforts to end human trafficking, and brought attention to the severity of the situation in the US and around the world.

The first show was packed, and the feeling was that we wanted more of what she was giving, so she put together another in March, 2016. I was lucky enough to be at both. Vigil does really beautiful, meaningful work, both as a curator and an artist. Please check her out online and on Instagram.

Here are a few film photos of the March event that recently came back from the photo lab (sorry for the shaky ones!):

Left artwork | photo by Stephanie Podue
photo by Stephanie Podue
photo by Stephanie Podue
photo by Stephanie Podue
photo by Stephanie Podue
Artwork by Molly Bounds, | photo by Stephanie Podue
photo by Stephanie Podue
Braids in the vendor area | photo by Stephanie Podue
Outside Oakland Terminal Art Gallery | photo by Stephanie Podue


I am in the processes of identifying the artists. If you have info, please pass it along – Thanks!

I’m excited to see what she’s up to next. Please check her out and support what she’s doing!

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